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Always hungry and weird spot?

Discussion in 'Common Health Problems, Injuries and Treatments' started by kimposter, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. kimposter

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    Jul 13, 2013
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    I have recently noticed my turtle scavenging for food in his tank more and more often, sometimes biting leaves (they're fake), biting green spots on the floating dock and always poking his head through the gravel. I am in the process of trying to get my hands on some river sand and turtle grit to replace the gravel but I am still really worried he might accidentally eat the rocks. Also, when I take him out of the tank to feed him in a separate container, he sometimes tries to snap at my fingers and once I saw him snap at his own legs.

    I feed my turtle once a day, about the size of his head (as recommended), but he still always seems so hungry? I thought it might be the water temperature but my water heater is on the lowest setting and the water temperature reads about 24-25. Should I be feeding him more? Currently I've been feeding him frozen baby turtle food blocks but I'm trying to find a good aquarium near my area (I'm in northern suburbs of Melbourne if anyone has recommendations) that can provide some good advice and products to replace them.

    Also, I've noticed a white spot on his shell which looks a bit like it's chipped or something and I am worried it might be something serious. I've run out of turtle conditioning blocks and am trying to find some new ones. Any advice would be great!

  2. Aussiepride83

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    Aug 18, 2012
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    Hello, firstly your turtle is not hungry and you definitely don't need to be feeding it any more but actually less. Taking a look at that photo I can see that your turtle is growing way too fast (by the thickness of the lines between the scutes on the carapace. These should be pencil thin, not nearly that wide) and this is extremely bad for its health as is those frozen turtle dinner blocks. You should try to source some feeder fish like Gambusia, Neon Tetras, Mollies, Platies, domesticated guppies, Swordtails etc to keep in the tank so your turtle has some stimulation and has to work to catch his own food thus getting exercise at the same time. Also being what I'm assuming is a Murray? Your turtle requires a diet that's at least 3/4 aquatic plant material, Elodea and Vallisneria would be a good start. Keep some of this in your tank at all times and he'll eat it at his leisure. Other foods to consider would be white moths, flies, crickets and woodies, earthworms and silkworms, freshwater shrimps and yabbies. Some quality artificial food like Exo-Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets and Hikari Cichlid Gold would be good too. That white mark is actually kind of hard to see in this photo however if it is in fact a chip, it will most likely be due to all those large rocks you have in the tank. Ideally you should remove them ASAP. The River sand and Turtle Grit can both be purchased from this site as well as AFT Turtle Salts (highly recommended). Your current water temperature is fine as long as it's stable and doesn't fluctuate too much. I think you could benefit from reading through the AFT Care-guide. It's recently been updated. Please post here some photos of the entire tank and set up including your filtration unit. Murray River turtles are the fastest growing of all Australian species and in the top 5 largest overall as adults. You're going to be needing a bigger tank in the not too distant future if you're current tank is smaller than 6x2x2.

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