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A Good Home for Three Eastern Long Neck Turtles

Discussion in 'Free Turtles (&/or Equipment) to a Good Home' started by Georgie, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Georgie

    Georgie Egg

    Nov 14, 2017
    Looking for a good home for three healthy 2 year old Eastern Long Neck Turtles in Victoria.
    They are ready to hibernate for next winter and need an outdoor pond area secure from predators (cats, dogs, foxes, etc). We do care for these turtles so want to be sure they go to a good home, ideally someone who already has/had turtles and knows how to look after them.

    Also so you know they have been living in a 6ft tank and have not been acclimatised to outdoor pond living, so not used to big temperature changes in the water, although they will have to go into a pond anyway since they will need to hibernate next year...

    If this still sounds OK to you, please do send some photos of their potential new home as we want to be sure they go to a good place, we may want to come and visit (my husband Scott and I).

    Photos of the little cuties are attached below.
    IMG_0116.JPG IMG_0115.JPG IMG_0114.JPG IMG_0113.JPG
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  2. Craig

    Craig Founding Member/Administrator/Public Officer
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    Aug 8, 2001
    Hi Georgie, can you please upload a photo of your turtles so that potential new owners can see them?
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