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Dear Facebook Management,
How disappointed we are that you have deleted a manager of a genuine Australian charity that is run by 100% volunteers and has been operating in Australia for over 15 years!

The BS excuse that you have given for the removal of the Administrator of the bona fide not-for-profit animal welfare charity is unwarranted and appears to be a standard excuse which is so far from the truth that it is incomprehensible.

All of the members of this Facebook group rely on Kevin McKay's knowledge and experience in providing help when it comes to advice on how to look after freshwater turtles in captivity, prevent the suffering of freshwater turtles both in captivity and in the wild and dispel all of the myths and utter rubbish that other freshwater turtle Facebook groups that are run by pretenders who 'hand out' incorrect information due to a lack of knowledge and experience!

Kevin McKay has never "sent unsolicited messages and create objects for the sole purpose of promoting or advertising a product, service or opportunity" as your FB representative Bruce has alleged!

Kevin McKay and myself volunteer our time to help others and have done so for over 15 years! We do not have a hidden agenda and our sole purpose is to provide knowledge to our members through experience in making the lives of Australian Freshwater Turtles in captivity and the wild better!

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

You allow people with multiple accounts, spammers, and members with links to websites that contain viruses. There are thousands of absolutely disgusting pages that you allow on FB that children should not be exposed to. Pages that are sexist and treat women like sex objects rather than people. There are pages that detail sex acts that depraved men like to perform on women, as well as videos of boys and men beating the crap out of defenceless homeless people and people with a disability! There are even pages on bestiality on FB. When did you change your policies...