1. AFT is celebrating its 15th consecutive year of helping freshwater turtles & turtle keepers online and 20th year with the AFT Care Guide. Thank you for being a part of AFT!
Hi Turtle lovers and welcome to AFT 2.0!

The staff team here have been working hard over the past few months to modernise our beloved forum and bring you all a much nicer user experience across the board.

There's a million different changes that have been made but here's the most important ones:

All forums have been re-sorted and categorised for better reading.

We now have a "What you see is what you get" editor. Because BBCode is old school

New, modern gallery for your viewing pleasure.

The site is now mobile & tablet friendly! You can now browse the site much easier on smaller devices.

Post ratings! Let people know when you really like their posts. :)

User tagging, use @username to alert someone to your post.

Make sure to enjoy yourself & ask questions.