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    Reptile Licence Information - State by State

    Hi All,

    Current information on obtaining a reptile licence state by state. Can others please add their respective state and / or any other valid info that may be a central point of reference...

    QLD Recreational Wildlife Licence:

    Online application for a QLD Recreational Wildlife Licence (online payment by credit card):

    Keeping wildlife for recreational purposes
    General information

    Wildlife permits and licenses

    Movement advice and how to transfer a reptile:

    How soon can I keep birds/reptiles or amphibians after I have bought my licence online?

    You can keep the animal(s) identified on your licence as soon as you have received your licence.
    Note: Recreational Wildlife Licenses licenses cannot be backdated . Your licence will list the ‘valid from’ date.

    Do I need to purchase a record book?

    A record book documents the movement, births and deaths of animals in your care. It contains multiple copies of the Wildlife Record Form which must be completed as a legal requirement. Each Wildlife Record Form can be used to record details about multiple animals, however only one species of animal can be recorded per page. Either 20 or 50 page record books are available for purchase.
    If you do not already have a usable record book, you must purchase one with your recreational wildlife licence and will be forwarded to your postal address. A DEHP officer may ask to see your record book to verify the origin of your animals.
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    Western Australia Reptile Licence:

    Licence Application WA herp-keeper-application.pdf

    Link to downloadable application form for standard reptile keeper / recreational licence:

    Approved reptile keeping list WA WA_reptile_lists_2003.pdf

    What turtles can I keep in WA with a Recreational Wildlife Licence?

    The only turtles that can be kept in WA on the standard Class 3 licence are the Oblong Turtle, Macrodiremys Oblonga (Although the reptile list above notes this species as a tortoise, it is actually a turtle).

    Also, the following turtle can be kept on a Category 4 licence: - Flat-shelled or Dinner Plate Turtle, Chelodina steindachneri.
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    Victorian Wildlife Licence:

    Here is the current info sheet on Victorian Licensing. It covers the different types of licence required to keep turtles (basic and advanced), schedule of fees and keeping reptiles in category 5 without a licence.$File/Application+for+a+Private+Wildlife+Licence.pdf

    Downloadable applications for basic and advanced wildlife licences:

    What turtles can be kept on a beginner licence in Victoria?

    According to the literature above, holders of a basic Victorian wildlife licence are entitled to keep turtles from a reputable breeder / pet store in category 3, these turtles are:

    Broad-shelled Turtle - Macrochelodina expansa
    Krefft's Turtle - Emydura macquarii kreffti
    Mary River Turtle - Elusor macrurus
    Northern Snapping Turtle - Elseya dentata

    What turtles can be kept on an advanced licence in Victoria?

    As well as all turtles listed above (Category 3 turtles) you may also keep category 4 reptiles - turtles in this category include:

    Northern long-necked Turtle - Macrochelodina rugosa

    What turtles can I keep without a licence in Victoria?

    You are allowed to keep reptiles / turtles without a licence as long as these fall into category 5 and are obtained from a legal source (this info can be found in the Vic licence info sheet). Turtles that are in Vic category 5 are:

    Common Long Neck Turtle (Eastern snake-necked Turtle) - Chelodina longicollis
    Murray River Turtle - Emydura macquarii macquarii

    Information on record keeping in Victoria - Record Book, Return Forms etc
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    South Australian Wildlife Licence Info:

    Turtles that can be kept without a licence in SA:

    Turtles that are on the exempt list may that are obtained legally may be kept without a licence. The turtles in this category are:

    Eastern snake-necked Turtle - Chelodina longicollis
    Murray River Turtle - Emydura macquarii macquarii

    Turtles that can be kept with a basic SA Wildlife Licence:

    Northern Snapping Turtle - Elseya dentata
    Broad-shelled Turtle - Macrochelodina expansa
    Krefft's Turtle - Emydura macquarii krefftii)
    Northern Long Necked Turtle - Macrochelodina rugosa
    Oblong Turtle - Macrodiremys oblonga)
    Saw-shelled Turtle - Myuchelys latisternum)

    The list can be found here:

    Downloadable application online for Basic Licence:

    Current Schedule of fees 2009 / 2010:
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    Information on obtaining turtles via QLD Pet Stores:


    Pet Shops

    People are always concerned that Pet Shops may not have the ability to care for reptiles adequately.

    In Queensland Pet Shop owners or their representatives need special training in order to obtain a Commercial Licence to hold reptiles.
    “ the chief executive can not grant a commercial wildlife licence for reptiles to a person (the applicant) unless the chief executive is satisfied the applicant, or a person who would be a relevant person for the applicant if the applicant were granted the licence (the relevant person), has passed a course approved by the chief executive that:
    a) provides training on how to maintain the health, safety and well-being of reptiles; and
    b) provides training on how the applicant or relevant person may teach another person about the matters mentioned in paragraph (a).
    Contact your local DERM office for a list of approved training providers.”

    A Code of Practice:

    Code of practice: Captive reptile and amphibian husbandry

    The Code of Practice outlines conditions under which reptiles may be maintained, especially in Pet Shops.

    Pet Shops may only trade in the following turtles:

    The following reptiles of the family Chelidae —

    Eastern snake-necked turtle
    Chelodina longicollis

    Saw-shelled turtle
    Elseya latisternum (Now Wollumbinia latisternum)

    Krefft’s River turtle
    Emydura krefftii (Now Emydura macquarii krefftii)

    Murray River turtle
    Emydura macquarii macquarii
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    Northern Territory Wildlife Licence Information:

    Permit to Keep Protected or Prohibited Wildlife:

    A permit to keep protected or prohibited wildlife is required to enable people to legally possess wildlife in captivity within the Northern Territory. In order to acquire a permit to keep wildlife you must first purchase the animal from a lawful source. A lawful source is identified as a person, pet shop or breeder who has a current permit to keep and trade wildlife.

    Upon application a proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or ‘proof of sale docket’ must be attached to your application.

    Once an animal has been obtained you must legally obtain a permit to keep within 7 days of receipt of purchase.

    Details do not seem to be available on the internet on official publication, but it appears that there are no restrictions on the type of reptiles that may be kept, except that there are special conditions for venomous snakes and crocodiles


    Please be advised that the wildlife listed must have been obtained lawfully.


    Centralian blue-tongued Lizard Tiliqua multifasciata
    Central Netted Dragon Ctenophorus nuchalis
    Central Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps
    Children’s Python Antaresia childreni
    Northern long-necked Turtle Chelodina rugosa
    Common blue-tongued Lizard Tiliqua scincoides

    Here is the list:

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    Contact Information - State by State list:

    South Australia
    Department of Environment and Natural Resources/ Wildlife Management
    GPO Box 1782, Adelaide. South Australia. 5001.
    Phone: 08 8124 4972 Fax: 08 8124 4939


    Northern Territory
    Parks and Wildlife Commission of The Northern Territory.
    Goyder Centre, 25 Chung Wah Terrace, Palmerston NT 0830, AUSTRALIA
    PO Box 496, Palmerston NT 0831
    Tel: (08) 89 995511 (International 61 8 89 995511)
    Fax: (08) 89 323849 (International 61 8 89 323849)


    VIC Natural Resources and Environment Information.
    NRE Information Centre
    8 Nicholson Street, PO Box 500, East Melbourne, Victoria Australia 3002, PH 136186


    Western Australia
    Department of Conservation and Land Management.
    Locked Bag 104, Bentley. Western Australia. 6983.
    Phone: 08 9334 0333 Fax: 08 9334 0242


    New South Wales
    43 Bridge Street, (PO Box 1967), HURSTVILLE 2220
    Switchboard: (02) 9585 6444 (8.30am - 5.00pm)
    Fax 9585 6555


    National Parks and Wildlife Service.
    Central Office, 160 Ann St,Brisbane QLD 4000, (07) 3227 7111
    Postal address, PO Box 155, Brisbane Albert St, Brisbane QLD 4002


    National Parks and Wildlife Service.
    For general enquiries and feedback
    or phone Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513 - Mon-Fri (9-5)
    Mail: Parks and Wildlife Service
    GPO Box 44A, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001 AUSTRALIA


    Australian Capital Territory
    Environment ACT Pets and Wildlife
    Postal address, PO Box 144, Lyneham ACT 2602
    Street address, 12 Wattle Street, Lyneham ACT 2602
    Environment Information Centre
    Ph: +61 (02) 6207 9777 BH
    Fax: +61 (02) 6207 2227

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    Adult Turtle
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    Thanks Todd you have been busy. Good luck finding the Qld list of species.
    Regards, Brian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikola View Post
    Information on obtaining turtles via QLD Pet Stores (ideally, if possible, you should get your turtles from a reputable breeder):


    Pet Shops

    Pet Shops may only trade in the following turtles:

    The following reptiles of the family Chelidae —

    Eastern snake-necked turtle
    Chelodina longicollis

    Saw-shelled turtle
    Elseya latisternum (Now Wollumbinia latisternum)

    Krefft’s river turtle
    Emydura krefftii (Now Emydura macquarii krefftii)

    Murray turtle
    Emydura macquarii macquarii

    I have also seen Chelodina expansa for sale within pet shops in QLD.


    A complete list of species available for trade within the recreational licence use is freely available online. Let me know if you are unable to locate it and I will get it to you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Mercer View Post
    Thanks Todd you have been busy. Good luck finding the Qld list of species.

    Hi Brian,

    According to the QLD E.H.P website:

    Restricted reptiles or amphibians in QLD

    The following reptiles are restricted reptiles:

    Common name / Scientific name

    The following reptiles of the family Elapidae —

    black snakes - Pseudechis spp
    broad-headed snakes - Hoplocephalus spp
    brown snakes - Pseudonaja spp
    Collett’s snake - Pseudechis colletti
    copperheads - Austrelaps spp
    death adders - Acanthophis spp
    eastern small-eyed snake - Rhinoplocephalus nigriscens
    rough scaled snake - Tropidechis carinatus
    taipans - Oxyuranus spp
    tiger snakes - Notechis spp

    The following reptiles of the family Hydrophiidae —

    All species

    The following reptiles of the family Laticaudidae —

    All species

    All threatened or rare or near threatened reptiles other than the following —

    reptiles of the family Cheloniidae (Cheloniidae are the Sea Turtle Family)
    • reptiles of the family Dermochelydiae—
    • freshwater crocodile - Crocodylus johnstoni
    • saltwater or estuarine crocodile - Crocodylus porosus

    No other restrictions noted that I could find....




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